For any youth athlete who wants to take their game to the next level before next season rolls around, attending a summer sports camp is a great way to see tangible improvement over a short period of time.

Whether you play field hockey, lacrosse, tennis, softball, soccer, volleyball, or squash, we have something for you right here at eCamps. We pride ourselves on the fact that we bring in the top coaches in the country from each sport every summer to help you reach those goals of yours.

You’re also more than just a number, too. We employee a big enough coaching staff so the camper-to-coach ratio is very low. This allows our coaches to actually get to know you, what makes you tick, and what you want to improve on while at camp. It’s hard to improve when you’re one of hundreds doing the same drills over and over again, so that’s why we prioritize personalized instruction.

This all sounds great, but wouldn’t you agree that sometimes it’s just better to have your whole team with you? We totally get that, which is why we encourage our campers to attend as a squad. Doing so truly helps create a level of team chemistry you won’t be able to cultivate during the course of a season. What other time can you all get together for a handful of days to just focus on your sport and bond with each other?

Here are the team and group discounts available for 3 summer sports camps:

Field Hockey Camp Team

Field Hockey

  • $15 off per camper for those in groups of 5-9.
  • $25 off per camper for those in groups of 10 or more.
lacrosse team


  • $25 off per camper for those in groups of 5-9
  • $35 off per camper for those in groups of 10 or more.
Softball Camp time for Lunch


  • $15 off per camper for those in groups of 5-9.
  • $25 off per camper for those in groups of 10 or more.

For those who have a group and are interested an receiving a discount off whichever camp you plan on attending, make sure to get in touch with us!, so we can provide your group with a coupon code. This will enable all the campers to register for the camp of their choice individually, while still receiving the discount.

It’s also very helpful for us to know beforehand if you’re coming with your team or a group of people, especially if you’re headed to one of our overnight camps. This will allow us the opportunity to get arrangements in order so the entire time can stay in the same dorm together and let the bonding continue beyond the field any other extracurricular activities we have scheduled.

We’re already confident that the few days that you spend with us at camp will be the most memorable part of your summer. That doesn’t mean this memorable experience can’t get better, though! Field hockey, lacrosse, tennis, volleyball, squash, soccer, and softball are all sports where it’s vital for players to come together as a team in order to achieve success and reach whatever goals that are set.

The preparation for a successful season typically starts before preseason even happens, so make sure you’re doing this with all your teammates — it’ll only help in the long run.